September Creativity

16th September 2014
Y4 Homework is out of this world!!
I have been truly astounded by the amount of effort which has gone into the project homweork.  The buzz of excitement as the children turned up for school with their fantastic creations was truly wonderful.  Please have a look at the photographs of some of the children's efforts.  I am sure that you will be as impressed as we all were.  Huge well done to the children in Year 4.
More creativity in Year 6
Children in Year 6 built a representation of a heart this week using food.  They used 4 crackers for the chambers,  marshmallows and a range of other edible items to create arteries, oxygenated blood etc...  They were very eager to explain their creations to me.  I can guarantee they will remember the activity but more importantly the facts about the heart too.  Well done Year 6 and Mrs Cartman.