Ogres (Year 1)

Welcome to Year 1 Ogres!
Useful English and Maths resources
This half term, our English teaching will focus on the texts 'Leaf' by Sandra Dieckmann, "Poles Apart"  by Jeanne Willis and "Meerkat Mail" by Emily Gravett. The children will consolidate  writing skills, mainly focusing on writing clear sentences with punctuation and precise handwriting. We will be writing in different styles.
Introducing our Social Action Project.
Science and Topic learning:
Animal habitats and the Polar Regions
 Challenge Question 1:
What do you know about polar bears and penguins?
Challenge Question 2:
Can you put animals into groups with the same features?
Challenge Question 3:
What can you tell me about Meerkats? 
Other texts.
Where are we?  Where can we find Polar Bears and Penguins?
Categorising animals