Local Sports Clubs

I am delighted to recommend the following local clubs for your children to consider if they want to extend their sporting interest beyond our own before and after school sports activities. These are the clubs who, thus far, have been in for meetings with Mr Carr, and/or have delivered assemblies to promote their clubs.
Eldwick Juniors Football Club  - See Mr Carr for details as he currently helps coaching the U9s.
Bingley Juniors Football Club - See Mr Carr for details as Mr Carr knows a number of the coaches at this club and can point you in the right direction.
Bradford and Bingley Rugby Union Club - Iain Taylor led an assembly on this club and would be delighted for any newcomers to come along and give rugby a try. See Mr Carr for further details.
Bradford and Bingley Cricket Club - Richard Foulder will be leading an assembly in July about his club. Details to follow soon.
Dance Club (run by Olivia from Kanga) - See Ben or Andy from Kanga sports, or Mr Carr, for more details