Yetis (Year 4)

September 2017


Newsletter Autumn 1st half term

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to year 4! I hope you all had a relaxing summer and are ready for another exciting year. I am looking forward to having your children for another year in which we will really get to grips with our learning.

Our topic for this half term is all about languages! The children will be exploring all about languages through all subjects.

In English we will be focusing on stories set in other cultures, with our main focus being the book ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’, by Phillip Pullman. The children will look at how stories from other countries and cultures can vary or differ from our own. They will use the style of writing to create their own letters, diary entries and even rewriting the story using our own culture. During all written work, children will be continuing their development of using correct punctuation, sentence structure and grammar. Phonics (spelling) sessions will take place every day, and some children will need support at home to learn these patterns. Phonics tests will take place every Friday.

During maths, the children will be looking at place value of numbers and then moving on to addition and subtraction. They will learn how to use more efficient methods for adding numbers with more digits. They will work on their mental and written calculations. Continuing with our mastery approach this year, the children will be using problem solving skills and questioning to enable them to become masters at a topic, with some moving onto a greater depth understanding.

We are using a holistic and continuous provision based curriculum for our foundation subjects this year, where children will have more responsibility and autonomy over their own learning. Our languages topic will cover history, geography, art and DT. They will look at how languages have developed over the years and what similarities and differences are found in languages across the world. They will become artists, creating their own languages just like the Egyptian hieroglyphics.

In science we will be looking at states of matter. This will link to our English topic as the children will become ‘Firework Makers’ themselves. They will investigate solids, liquids and gases through experiments and interpreting data.

In ICT we are focusing on E-Safety and what it means to be safe online. Children will create a poster using everything they have learnt encouraging others to be safe when using the internet. RE will be led as a whole school approach, where a subject will be introduced in assembly and then discussed within the class using small activities to gain knowledge and understanding of other religions.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or speak to me in the playground.

Kind regards,

Miss Harrison and The Yeti Team

How many different languages can you say hello in?